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4WD RC Twisting Buddy™

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Introducing the Twisting Buddy, the first-ever RC car powered by a fully responsive gesture control sensor system. Simply motion with your hand and watch as the RC car follows.

Enjoy hours of remote control fun with this toy. The perfect addition to your existing fleet, this vehicle has a powerful motor and sturdy wheels to move on any path with ease. 

Why use it?


We worked with leading engineers to develop The Twisting Buddy 2.0 - our best, most accurately calibrated car to date. Using intuitive hand gestures, you can control the car to go forward, backward, sideways, or even make 360-degree rotations!



Use the Twisting Buddy 2.0 anywhere. The transformable body of the Twisting Buddy makes the car flexible and suitable for all terrains, whether it's hilly, bumpy, grassy, or flat. Ultra-grip rubber tires, lateral driving design, and a high-speed motor with overheat protection allow for top-notch performance.

Double-sided drive design

Because of the car's unique double-sided design, it can be flipped and driven on both sides. So even if you encounter obstacles, it doesn't matter how you land, the Twisting Buddy will continue riding no matter what.

Spine structure

The Twisting Buddy is super elastic. It can literally turn, twist, right in about any direction you point it at - thanks to its spine-like design.

360-degree rotation

Thanks to the 9 all-direction mini wheels that are located on all 4 main wheels the Twisting Buddy can do all sorts of tricks, spins without even moving forward. You choose the trajectory and the car will follow it.

Always ready to play, our unique toy car is both fun and interactive. Experience the thrill of controlling our Twisting Buddy™ that can be stopped by noting. Ratchet up the excitement with its lights and sounds.


What's In The Box?

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