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Fort Building DIY Kit - Glowsart
Fort Building DIY Kit - Glowsart
Fort Building DIY Kit - Glowsart

Fort Building DIY Kit



"It was the perfect gift good times like this when everyone has to stay at home and a lot of days stay inside, it gave my grandchildren something to keep their imaginations growing and fill the time during the day where they could create a play space, after they built the frame they would get uncover it and they loved it so much. They wanted to sleep there at night so it was a very fun thing and still is!"



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    What is Fort Building DIY Kit?

    Ford Building DIY Kit is the Ultimate DIY kit for children that allows them to construct different shapes and forms of castles, mansions, rockets, etc. 

    Children are able to bring their imagination to life! Let them build their own fortress in their own unique way!

    Your children will spend a lot of time planning and making the perfect fort, thus improving critical thinking, problem-solving, and imagination.






    Multiple play modes

    This fort kit is designed for kids ages 5 and up, allowing them to build a cave, play tent, rocket, house, igloo, princess castle, tunnel, or anything else they like.

    Create any building structure indoors and outdoors.

    Using the 156 pack to build a big and complex fort can be full of challenges and fun for kids, even parents. Our Fort Building DIY Kit will bring endless fun to your family by building and explore more construction ideas.

    Spark Creativity & Team Spirit

    Construction toys get kids working together to plan and solve problems. Whether they’re designing a house, a cozy castle, a scientific sculptures and more, our fort kit encourages kids to develop their team spirit, problem solving skills as well as imagination. Parents can also join in for a family fun

     Made with solid and premium plastic, the sticks can easily and securely inserted into the spheres connectors. 

    Simply insert and twist the sticks into the spheres, builder connect in a few seconds and easily disassemble, you don’t have to worry about structures collapsing. It’s safe for both indoor and outdoor use.


    The plastic rods snap easily and securely into the ball connectors, allowing for countless configurations of forts that are fun and easy to build. 

    The ball connectors are multi-dimensional with multiple holes in them, so the direction of the rods can be changed in a snap.

    Our Customers' Fortresses


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    Product Specifications:

    Stick colour: Green
    Ball Colour: Yellow/green/red/blue
    Ball Connector diameter: 3.5cm
    Stick Rod length: 31cm
    Suitable for children 3 years and older

    Package Details:

    88pcs includes:

    36 x ball connectors
    51 x sticks
    1 x manual

    156 pcs includes:

    100 x balls connectors
    55 x sticks
    1 x manual


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