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Quoridor Educational Strategy Game

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Love playing games that require strategy and mental acuity? Then Quoridor IS THE GAME!

Quoridor is a strategy game that involves sacrifices and strategic delays. This multi-award-winning abstract thinking game will not only enhance your analytical skills but will also make you so addicted that you would want to play it again and again!

Why get yours?

Great for mental health.

It comes as no surprise to anybody that Quoridor is a great activity of stimulating your brain and is also a game with excellent educational value as it is a foundational abstract game.

Attractive display.

Along with being enjoyable to play, Quoridor is also an attractive decor that is perfect for displaying on your coffee table, desk, or shelf. Bring it out and start playing!

Easy Rules

Quoridor is an abstract strategy game with surprisingly easy rules. It offers simple rules that allow you to start playing right away, and you can teach your friends the same way. This game is fun for any age group, whether it is for an adult or a child.

When it comes to strategic games, Quoridor has its own standard! Invest your concentration and deductive reasoning into this masterful challenge! It’s a great game to play when you don't want to stare at your computer screen all day long.

Here are the rules how to play this game:

Each player begins with 10 fences and 1 pawn. You win the game by getting your pawn to the other side. To start the game by either moving a pawn or placing a fence, you can not move the pawn and place the fence at the same time.

As the game continues and fences are being placed you'll start to see a labyrinth forming. Fences can be placed defensively to force your opponent to take another route. You can not block your opponent in and create a box where they have nowhere to go.

If you ever come face to face with your opponent you can jump over them. Once you reach your opponent's side in any of the 9 spaces you win the game.

Pawns can not jump over fences or move diagonally. Quoridor can be played in teams of up to 4 people. If played with 4 players each player gets 4 fences for the game.

Note: If you need more assistance in the understanding of how to play the game please contact us at and we will send you a video tutorial with more detailed instructions.



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